Jonsteen is where trees come from!

From Redwood Trees to Christmas Trees, Jonsteen Company, a wholesale tree nursery in Northern California, is the world’s source for high quality tree seedlings, seed germination kits, and other natural products. Jonsteen specializes in Giant Sequoias and Coast Redwoods, but also grows and custom packages a wide variety of tree seedlings and seed growing kits appropriate to climates and landscapes of all kinds around the country and around the world. The cool packaging and amazing Coast Redwood and Giant Sequoia trees are just the beginning of what makes Jonsteen a very special and unique commercial tree nursery.

Trees are one of nature’s most spectacular gifts, increasing in beauty, value, and ecological benefits over time. Involvement with trees and grow kits speaks volumes about a company’s commitment to the environment and to being green. You don’t have to wait for National Arbor Day or Earth week to get involved with green marketing. Trees and grow kits are timely and beneficial year round, whether it’s Earth Day, Earth Week, your State Arbor Day, National Arbor Day, or anytime!

When it comes to seed and tree-based natural products, Jonsteen’s packaged tree seedlings and grow kits are the ultimate. They give your business not only a great selling, fun, and educational natural product, but also provide fantastic green PR for your business through the very fact that your company is involved in promoting trees and nature. This is a win-win-win situation for your business (green profits!), for your customers (who receive a fun and educational product that is guaranteed to enhance their lives for decades!), and for the environment (tree planting is arguably the single most environmentally beneficial act anyone can do for the planet!).

Promoting tree planting through selling or giving away packaged live trees and seed germination kits – whether straight from Jonsteen’s existing line, with packaging customized for your needs, or completely re-envisioned with a private label conceived by you and unique to your business – has never been easier.

As an actual tree grower, not just a custom packager, Jonsteen’s focus is on working with trees in the right way. Trees and grow kits are not a green gimmick – they are the real thing, with real educational and environmental benefits. Great design and sound science are both evident in everything we do. As a tree grower, our focus is as much on the growing of trees as the packaging and selling. We know which trees are appropriate to various regions and climates, and we are committed to the success of the end-user – the tree giveaway recipient, the grow kit purchaser, the inexperienced gardener working with trees or germinating seeds for the first time. For this reason, our packaged trees and grow kits do more than just look good – they grow! It’s guaranteed. And when they grow, they live on for years to sing the praises of forward thinking companies, businesses, and organizations that get involved in bringing trees to the public.

From redwoods to red maples, from giant sequoias to ginkgos, trees make life better. Let Jonsteen help your company or organization harness the power, beauty, and benefits of trees, glorious trees!


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