Custom Packaging & Promotion

Jonsteen is a working tree nursery, and also a custom packaging specialist with a full service art department. So whether you need live trees, self-contained grow kits, or simple seed packages, Jonsteen can bring to life the product or promotion you want with exactly the look and messaging you need.


Kraft Bag Seedlings

This packaging gives you more real estate for your message. A natural recycled kraft paper bag perfectly complements the poly-bagged tree inside, and provides plenty of room to be creative. With enough lead time and volume, virtually any kind of custom printing can be accomplished. Your look, your logo, your colors, your message. This packaging has been used for regional and nationwide tree promotions by Macy’s, Whole Foods, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Lowe’s, and many more! Put your mark on Earth Week and National Arbor Day with your own tree giveaway or promotion. It’s good for your brand, good for your community, and good for the planet!


Bag & Tag Seedlings

The Tree is the message! This is a basic packaging method, which employs recyclable poly bags that can be custom printed, or not. Add a nursery tag to identify the species, and let the tree do the talking! It says that you are a forward-thinking, environmentally aware company with the kind of values that make people want to do business with you. Jonsteen will help you select the perfect tree(s) for your project.


Custom Grow Kits

This is by far the finest, most impactful Grow Kit on the market. If you like Jonsteen’s quality (and who doesn’t?), but want your own look and messaging, our art department is ready to team up! We can provide templates to your product designers, or you can hire us to adapt our work to your specifications. We have produced private label Grow Kits for many companies, brands, and organizations, from The Smithsonian Institution to Etnies. Great projects we’ve collaborated on include creating French Oak Grow Kits for a wine barrel cooperage in France, Cork Oak Grow Kits for Cork producers in Portugal, and Redwood Grow Kits for the California Forest Products Industry. Design and production of a Custom Grow Kit takes time, and includes intervals for printing, can manufacturing, and final kit assembly. The results are always stunning, and the Grow Kits are always 100% crafted in the USA! There is a 4,000-piece minimum order, and please allow 12 weeks from design-approval to ship-out. A faster, less expensive alternative to the full-sized Grow Kit is our Mini-Grow Kit.


Custom packaged Live Trees

This is deluxe packaging that looks absolutely fantastic and stops people in their tracks. It’s the finest packaging ever put together for a tree. Add your own labeling to the mini-greenhouse, and this tree showcase becomes your own — a compelling private label product that will sell great and/or become a powerful message-bearer for your company, campaign, or organization. This packaging gives trees a shelf-life, and allows live trees to reach people and markets where no trees have ever gone before. The PCT (poly carbonate) tubing is made of recycled material, and it’s as tough as it is attractive.


Custom Mini-Grow Kits

Make no mistake. This is a powerful tool both for promoting your message/brand and for tree growing. It’s the best seed-germination system out there (everything but water and sunshine is included), and it affords huge leeway in creative labeling. Your business or organization can be the source of these amazing Tree Life Capsules! Instructions for using the kit are printed on the inside of the label, giving you carte blanche to create exactly the design that you want. Best of all, despite being awesome, these Mini-Grow Kits are affordable and do not require the high minimums of some of our other custom packaging options.


Custom Seed Packages

These wonderful, minimalist tree-growing packets are like a custom calling card that grows a tree! Inexpensive and easy to distribute, our Custom Seed Packages provide a peat pellet (growing medium), high germination rate seeds (many species available), and a 3”x 3” “canvas” for your marketing artistry. One side of the interior card is reserved for germination instructions; the other side is yours to design — with your logo or whatever artwork or message you’d like. Perfect for trade shows, gifts with purchase around Earth Week/Arbor Day, or special events. Don’t underestimate the lasting positive impact a Custom Seed Package can have on your brand!