Trees For the Future

Let Jonsteen help you bring trees and tree knowledge to your classroom and campus! We have all kinds of trees, a variety of tree sizes, and multiple packaging options. Jonsteen can help you select the right trees for your locale and purposes, and combines them with educational information and appropriate packaging. Best of all, Jonsteen maintains ongoing support for its customers (and its trees) through a toll-free Tree Help Line. Plus, every tree that comes from Jonsteen is 100% guaranteed!


The Life Cycle of a Tree

Classroom Germination Project

Our Life Cycle of a Tree Classroom Germination Project provides everything you need for a fantastic hands-on class adventure in germinating trees, including 40 Student Grow Kits, 40 Full-Color Student Handbooks, a Teacher’s Guide, a Tree Species Information Sheet, a Life Cycle of a Tree Poster, and a name-label for each kit. It's fun, engaging, and intended to foster a lifelong appreciation of trees, natural processes, and life science.


Student Grow Kits

Our Student Grow Kits contain absolutely everything your students need to germinate and grow their own trees, including mini-greenhouses, high germination seed, growing medium, and perlite.

Student Handbooks

These beautifully illustrated Student Handbooks lead students through the whole process, from cold-stratifying their seeds to germination and transplanting — whimsical and fun as they are instructive!

Teacher's guide

The Teacher's Guide provides a useful overview of the unifying concepts and processes at work in the Classroom Germination Project. Narrowing or broadening the focus of the project is left entirely up to the teacher.

Other Materials

Also included with our Classroom Germination Project are handy name-labels for your students' mini-greenhouses; one 18" x 24" Life Cycle of a Tree Poster; and a Tree Species Information Sheet, which corresponds to the species included in the kits.


The Birth of a Tree!

Everything your students need to germinate and grow their own trees from seed




It’s a tree nursery you can hold in your hand!



Enough seed to guarantee at least one tree — usually more!



It’s not dirt! It’s a soil-less growing medium that can travel safely anywhere in the world.



This natural volcanic rock helps with aeration and drainage.