Trees for the Planet!

Earth Day is an annual celebration held around the world on April 22nd, designed to highlight the intrinsic value and fragility of our planet, and to encourage the protection of Earth’s precious resources. First celebrated in 1970 at the suggestion of activist John McConnell, Earth Day is now a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed in 192 countries each year. (Many communities even celebrate “Earth Week” — a full seven days of activities focused on environmental awareness, which includes April 22nd.)

An idea born out of a troubled time, Earth Day and related events serve as a time to focus on the environment, its current problems, and the challenges we face if we are to solve them. But, most importantly, it’s a time to start changing how we treat our planet!

If taking the time to celebrate Earth Day to spread awareness isn’t enough reason for you, then you should know that such an event is a fantastic opportunity for your company, organization or brand. With Jonsteen’s help, you can hold a fun event that will increase your visibility while making a positive impact on your community! Tell us your idea and we’ll help you organize it!

Planting a tree is a simple, non-controversial act that makes a profound difference now and in the future of our wonderful Planet Earth. Celebrate with trees!


Get the Right Tree!

The right Tree. The Right Packaging. The right impact!

The tree world has thousands of fascinating species, and Jonsteen will help you pair the perfect choice with the right packaging and message. Trees and grow kits are powerful ambassadors for your business or brand — not to mention the manifold benefits they bring to your customers and community. It doesn’t matter what kind of company or organization you’re running, or the type of event you have in mind — you should be joining Earth Day celebrations!


There’s no better way to show your “green” side than with an Earth Day giveaway, sale, or promotion. Jonsteen has all the resources you need — live trees, grow kits, or seed packages. Did we mention they are all fully customizable? Go trees!



Jonsteen Grow Kit

Jonsteen’s Grow Kits give you everything you need to germinate a tree from a seed! It’s a fun and magical experience for people of all ages, from novice growers to green thumb veterans. Every kit grows at least one tree — 100% guaranteed! This is a high-impact giveaway in every sense, and these kits are available in dozens of different species, perfect for any climate or region.



Packaged Live Trees

Jonsteen offers several packaging alternatives for live trees – all of which are customizable for your use. Pair your message with the right tree and packaging, and you will change the world!


Custom Grow Kits

Put the power to grow a tree right into people’s hands with any of our custom Grow Kits.


Custom Seed Packages

Economical tree growing at its best! Perfect for trade shows and major events, but also great for a smaller scale. Simple 3″x 3″ card with a full side for your custom artwork, contact info, and messaging.